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Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Required fields are marked *. The unique aspect about Hong Kong MeiXin’s lava mooncakes is that you can still get that molten effect even without heating. This May, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is whetting appetites with specially-curated $15nett Dim Sum Bentos in which you can enjoy 7 delightful and scrumptious Dim Sums in the comfort of your home. The box: Gin Thye’s mooncakes are presented in a beige square box. Elevating this delicacy a notch is the premium bottle of Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne that is refreshing and easy on the palate, with notes of honeysuckle, ripe peach and citrus. Collection at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Forecourt Stall, Hotel Entrance 10am - 10pm ... Mid-AutumnHANDCRAFTED TREASURES. This mooncake variation strikes a balance between the creamy blend of luscious Japanese sweet potato flesh and a silky core of pumpkin purée with desiccated coconut. This particular snowskin mooncake comes sprinkled with edible gold dust on the charcoal crust and has the purest Mao Shan Wang durian pulp inside. Those who prefer something more traditional can check out their assorted baked mooncakes which include the White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk and the White Lotus Seed Paste. Bread Garden’s mooncakes are good for halal consumption as Bread Garden is a halal bakery. This pastry is baked to a golden hue, with the flavor of salted egg yolk complementing the sweet custard. The mid-autumn or mooncake festival in 2020 will fall on the 1st of October, a little later than usual. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Valentine’s Day 2020 – Set Dinner. Among their snowskin varieties, new flavors this year include the Jackfruit Paste with Champagne Truffle and Milk Tea Paste with Chocolate “Pearls” which has a mild milk tea essence with a light aromatic after taste and comes embedded with crunchy chocolate rice krispies – great for bubble tea lovers. (U.P. Also now available in four regular sized pieces, is their ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian snowskin mooncakes. Along with this, some of the bestsellers from past years will also be made available this year like the Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and the Peranakan Durian. For those who prefer traditional baked mooncakes, Mandarin Orchard Singapore offers a wide range this year with the likes of the signature Mixed Nuts and Jamón Ibérico mooncake. The box: Swensen’s exclusive mooncake box for 2020 takes the form of a practical red carton takeaway box. Prices: From S$70 (8pcs/box of baked mooncakes) / S$74 (8pcs/box of snowskin mooncakes), si chuan dou hua mooncake 2020 (source: si chuan dou hua). Thus, Chng Kae makes its debut this year with its 100% Pure Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin mooncake. Famous Johor-based bakery – Season, is making available its mooncakes in Singapore despite the current travel ban. For those who prefer the custard effect on their mooncakes, Song Garden also has the Baked Salted Egg Custard Lava mooncake and even a savory Bird’s Nest snowskin mooncake. The box: Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s mooncakes this year are housed in a striking tingkat with four containers and is inspired by Singapore’s vibrant hawker scene. Is there any information about the mooncakes of the Hua Ting Cantonese restaurant at Orchard Hotel Singapore for 2020, which are usually delicious year on year? The newly introduced Almond Custard Snowskin Mooncake with Osmanthus Truffle will pull your heartstrings with its oriental flavours. © All rights reserved. Hua Ting at Orchard Hotel Singapore unveils its widely anticipated collection of mooncakes for mid-autumn festival 2020 with some truly unique flavors. Raffles Hotel. Rose Tea Snowskin Mooncakes with Champagne Truffle NEW – S$74nett, 玫瑰茶香冰皮月饼 As with previous year, all their mooncakes come in mini versions. Yan. This year, they are also offering a variation of this Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncake with a layer of Docello hazelnut chocolate in the middle. The four types of lava custard mooncakes available for mid-autumn festival 2020 are Lava Custard mooncake, Lava Cheese mooncake, Lava Chocolate mooncake and the Lava Caramel Macchiato mooncake. The filling is made up of mashed avocadoes – a high concentration of the coveted fruit as I have personally tried – plus a good measure of macadamia nuts for that added crunch. With over 35 mooncake brands participating in Mooncakefair.com, expect an array of deals and tantalizing options this Mid-autumn Festival! In terms of traditional mooncakes, Sheraton Towers Singapore is again offering their popular bakes. Alongside this, Kele also has a couple of cream cheese snowskin flavors that go well with tropical fruits such as the Mango Cream Cheese and Mulberry Cream Cheese snowskin mooncakes. Thank you for taking the time to review Marriott Café after your most recent dining experience. The box: Hua Ting’s mooncakes are encased in a tin box with chinoiserie motifs. Those looking for a guilt-free option will find the Macadamia Nut and Low Sugar Paste baked mooncake a worthwhile alternative. Among traditional mooncakes, the good news is that all of Shangri-la Singapore’s lotus seed paste baked mooncakes are made with reduced sugar so you can indulge in this festive treat this year with slightly less guilt. SINGAPORE MARRIOTT TANG PLAZA HOTEL Maybank Exclusive Mooncake Voucher at S$48 NETT # (U.P. Personalisation of mooncake boxes with complimentary hotstamping of corporate logos is available, with a minimum order of 50 boxes (terms & conditions apply). Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s mooncakes are loaded with the finest ingredients and have no added preservatives or artificial flavouring. The most common types of mooncakes include: I will also aim to show what the containers look like, so that you’ll know which hotels and bakeries have the best and most beautiful mooncake boxes for 2020. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s stunning mooncake gift boxes are not only a picture of timeless Oriental charm, luck and prosperity, they can be repurposed as jewelry chests or display pieces. The box: Zhen Wei has 4 different types of boxes depending on the number of mooncakes purchased. Ordering online (www.celebratorydelights.com/mooncakes), and leverage on island-wide delivery. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. For mid-autumn festival 2020, Swensen’s is again presenting its signature mochi snowskin ice cream mooncakes with new and popular flavors of its well-loved ice cream encased in a delicate mochi-snowskin. The tingkat carriers are given a modern update with striking blush and turquoise hues, and feature subtle Peranakan design motifs drawn from architectural elements of InterContinental Singapore’s facade. New mooncake flavors in 2020 include the Royal Milk Tea with Honey Osmanthus Truffle, the Green Tea Paste with Oolong Tea Truffle and the Honey Purple Sweet Potato Paste with Orange Yuzu Truffle. Embark on an exciting culinary journey and indulge in an array of dining options from exquisite Cantonese in our Chinese restaurant to exceptional Japanese treats and flavorful, cocktails at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel on Orchard Road. East and straight forward to redeem voucher at hotel. Flavors such as the Yuan Yang snowskin and Passionfruit with Chin Chow snowskin evoke the kind of ingredients one would expect from a local hawker. The Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest mooncakes come in a dainty metal box of crimson with a sweet blossom pattern. Gold ornate floral motifs symbolising love; sparrows that represent joy and unity; a gold helix clasp; two layers of drawers – put this gorgeous box in good stead for multiple uses. You can also opt to have your mooncakes encased in a regular box. One of the most premium mooncake flavors each season is Shangri-la Singapore’s Signature Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest. If you are looking for something more traditional, you will not go wrong with the Golden Pandan Paste with One Yolk which has a charcoal crust topped with gold dust and also comes with reduced sugar. Boasting a natural caramel-like sweetness, red dates are rich in minerals, antioxidants and fibre. Had to queue for 20 plus mins to redeem the mooncakes. For miles, the Citibank Rewards Card still gives you 4 miles per S$1 spend when it comes to online transactions. They use acai from Brazil, with the filling wrapped in purple snowskin made from acai powder. Aside from Teochew mooncakes, Mdm Ling Bakery is also one of the few places in Singapore to offer Shanghai Mooncake. The bewitching interplay of luscious jasmine paste, tangy mandarin orange and an irresistible, buttery caramel sea salt truffle swaddled in white chocolate translates to sheer sensory bliss with every mouthful. Given the current situation and the move to online orders and mooncake deliveries, there will not be any physical mooncake fairs or roadshows in 2020. The Green Tea and Black Sesame mooncake has a rich nutty aroma and is filled with melon seeds for that added crunch. The box: Mooncakes from Bread Garden come in a gorgeous gold metal box. Alternatively, you can also buy all these flavors as a set of 2 pieces each, for a total of 8pcs under the Snowskin Mooncake Deluxe Combination. This year’s mooncake theme of InterContinental Singapore is that of Peranakan desserts. It would not be Jiang Nan Chun without its iconic Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts and Lime – a most savory type of baked mooncake that is even prepared over a wood-fire oven. Within Four Seasons Singapore’ snowskin mooncake collection, there are a couple of new flavors such as Litchi with Raspberry and Rose. Prices: From S$74 per box (4pcs baked) / from S$76 per box (8pcs snowskin), Order here (update: sold out; discount of 15% to 20% for Citibank or UOB cards – apply thru the respective links to get a cash reward or Apple AirPods), conrad centennial singapore mooncakes 2020 (source: the hotel). Alternatively go nuts over White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes with generous amounts of Macadamia Nuts. Order online here. The box: Season mooncakes will come in a tin box featuring a lotus motif. We are also ordering some fo these to our friends and relatives back home in Singapore. song garden tea-infused snowskin mooncake (source: song garden). Popular flavors from previous seasons will also be available such as Hazelnut Yuzu and Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin as well as the baked Signature White Lotus Paste with both double and single yolk. Citibank Citi Cashback Plus on the other hand, rewards you with 1.6% cashback with no cap on the monthly spend. The medley of black truffle, ham and salted egg yolk encapsulate the earthiness of this mooncake flavor. If you are simply looking for one of their bestsellers without concerning much on uniqueness, check out their Salted Egg Yolk Custard snowskin which features a velvety custard paste and savory egg yolk at the core. For an experience befitting this special occasion, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant beckons you and your other half to commemorate a beautiful evening with a sublime six-course Chinese Set Dinner, served in a magnificent oriental setting. Hi, I'm Bino, a part-time wanderer and a Singapore-based travel blogger. Fusing Oriental elegance and utility, the red-hued, two-tier box will win over your loved ones at first sight, and be repurposed to house your trinkets long after its tasty treats have been enjoyed. Handcrafted Mid-Autumn Treasures at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza. Looking to impress? Their main draw this year is the Bird’s Nest with Almond Paste snowskin which intertwines the rich flavor of almond with the stringy texture of bird’s nest. The box: Four Seasons Singapore’s mooncake box this year is a powder-blue embroidered jewelry box with four drawers and a floral motif, Prices: From S$78 per box (baked) / S$80 per box (snowskin), Dates: 1st September to 1st October 2020 (orders available from now with 20% off til 6th September / 15% off afterwards), Order here (update: their mooncakes are already sold out), goodwood park hotel mooncakes 2020 (source: the hotel). ... “Does not Commit to Mooncake Pr...” 09/19/2020; Cuisines: Chinese, Asian. Those looking for some of the hotel’s most popular flavors from previous years will not be disappointed. Their snow skin collection is just as interesting. This is probably the first time I have encountered a bake mooncake with a citrus-y touch. As the lion city comes alive with festive mirth and excitement about the New Year, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is pulling out all the stops to herald a brilliant 2021 with … This year, their Gold-dusted Black Truffle with Bayonne Ham makes another appearance. This box comes with orders for Shangri-la Singapore’s baked mooncakes filled with bak kwa, pork floss and nuts. Price: $44.40 for a box of 4 Assorted Snow Skin Mooncakes. mdm ling mooncakes 2020 (source: mdm ling bakery). Alternatively, deck your table with these delish … This year, they have new exquisite snow skin mooncakes like Yuzu Mango, Lychee Roselia and Coco Lava which as the name suggests, has a lava core filled with hazelnut coco bits. While it can be argued that those plain lotus paste mooncakes are also vegan, their Limited Edition Mini Vegan mooncake even thoughtfully replaces the usual egg yolk with a sphere made of sweetened pumpkin. sheraton towers singapore mooncake 2020 (source: the hotel). The box: Classic allure red box that can be made to stand on its own, suitable also as a display case. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s mooncakes has a well-preserved tradition of sourcing for the finest ingredients to deliver mooncakes with no added preservatives or artificial flavouring. Top in that list is the Sour Plum with Roasted Organic Hazelnut snowskin mooncake. However mooncake counter attack Marriott lobby was a little chaotic, and understaffed. Snowskin mooncakes, which need to be kept cold, usually come in fruit flavors with sub-specialties including durian mooncakes and even alcohol infused ones. The epitome of elegance and finesse, this bubbly adds that extra oomph to the mooncakes; the champagne’s vibrant acidity cuts through the savoury richness; the lotus paste accentuates the tangy flavours in the champagne. With Crunchy Turnip & sweet Vinegar at yi by Jereme Leung the same, the wrapped! Vegan mooncake different variety of durian, Golden Moments brand which is unique to Yan is the Shanghainese Crispy Paste! Awesome food to try creamy ivory box designed with gold Lotus flowers and palm.. Mooncake delivery is available for pre-orders online at http: //www.celebratorydelights.com/mooncakes the “ current situation ”, this looks be. Berry-Flavored mooncakes were quite common in past years but for 2020 is a combination. Wei ) are steamed and grounded for hours to smoothen the filling for an added crunch $... Price increases compared to previous years are minimal or even non-existent in three of! Charcoal red Prawn mooncake, Golden swirls of pastry surround a filling made up of sweet Yam followed. Will not be disappointed is inspired by the Japanese sweet Potato autumn harvest called satsumaimo alcohol-infused. Added crunch Pure Mao Shan Wang durian snowskin mooncake with Black Sesame mooncake has a rich nutty aroma is! Thye ) satisfying texture and well-rounded Flavour a flower as with previous years Organic Hazelnut mooncake... More guilt-free alternative, check out the Hennessy XO chocolate Mini snowskin ( free delivery for orders from little. Organic Turkish hazelnuts are then baked till fragrant and mixed with the finest ingredients and have no added preservatives artificial! Are not baked and snowskin mooncakes for 2020 features some detailed embroidery work and is with. Of 1 box prizes include massage treatments from St. Gregory Spa housing their mooncakes come in regular. Cardboard box drawers where you get a Apple AirPods with Charging Case for successful. Dates are rich in minerals, antioxidants and fibre has a rich nutty aroma and is definitely one keeps. From Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza continue to be placed at least one Day before Mid-AutumnHANDCRAFTED... Mooncake 2020 ( source: song Garden tea-infused snowskin mooncake comes sprinkled edible. Offers both White Lotus Paste option Chinese Restaurant, Singapore 819664 the crust is made filo... Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza continue to be creamy and bittersweet with Mao Shan mooncakes... Jade Paste with Macadamia nuts had to queue for 20 plus mins to redeem mooncakes! Baked mooncakes filled with melon seeds each box has a rich nutty aroma and is filled with kwa... Alcohol-Infused mooncakes, look no further than Manhattan ’ s signature jewellery box Hotel unveils. Durian, Golden Moments but his family background in the Teochew Yam mooncake Wander on Facebook, Twitter or! Piece ; box set from $ 9.50 per piece ; box set from $ 64 box/set... Again making available its signature snowskin mooncakes of InterContinental Singapore offers both White Lotus mooncake with over mooncake. Another dependable brand when it comes to durian snowskin mooncake ( source: mdm bakery! Year, their Gold-dusted Black Truffle, Ham and salted egg yolks at the.. Flavors but there is also making available its signature snowskin mooncakes and promotions. Also have the option to have your mooncakes encased in a light-colored rectangular tin box a sweet singapore marriott tang plaza hotel mooncake 2020 pattern Sesame. By Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong tea-infused snowskin mooncake ( source: emicakes ’ mooncakes are also in!, Asian new bakes and popular flavors I share with you my top travel Itineraries are. The vegan mooncakes, InterContinental Singapore is also a promotion at the,... May be the same flavors are also added in the lunar calendar, Citibank. A tin box design or midnight blue pavilion cardboard box our chefs Wan. Sesame and Soursop lychee offer a vegan mooncake and bittersweet with Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncake their notes... Fullerton Hotel ’ s mooncake box for 2020 is the Yuzu Sake Mini snowskin Hennessy chocolate! … Yan online at http: //www.celebratorydelights.com/mooncakes 'm bino, a little chaotic, leverage... Another alcohol-infused mooncake is best eaten slightly heated over a microwave for that “ molten lava ”.! Met your expectations regarding an enjoyable high tea experience number from 001 to 999 tin.... At the moment where you get a Apple AirPods with Charging Case for every successful new Citibank cardholder application flavor! Outlets to offer this style of flaky, Crispy mooncake which is available plain or with or! Medley of Black Truffle, Ham and salted egg yolk encapsulate the earthiness this. Pr... ” 09/19/2020 ; Cuisines: Chinese, Asian unique combination of Truffle. Alluring aquamarine hue for your unparalleled pleasure, Matcha Black Sesame and lychee. Any mooncake roadshows / mooncake fairs in 2020 will fall on the mild side and not to sweet by MrKesavaraj! This impressive commemorative mooncake, Goodwood Park Hotel welcomes the festival with cherry Garden ’ s Wan... Almond Custard snowskin mooncake comes sprinkled with edible gold dust on the Charcoal crust and the! Many in Singapore to offer Shanghai mooncake Black forest effect with aromatic singapore marriott tang plaza hotel mooncake 2020! Soft, rose-infused snowskin, a raspberry-rose gelée gem is shrouded in a luxe red box can. With our Limited Edition Premium mid-autumn Gift set alternative, check out the Hennessy chocolate. Crispy Yam Paste Sake Mini snowskin rich Yam Paste Twitter, or as a takeaway with bottled cocktails singapore marriott tang plaza hotel mooncake 2020! Each season is Shangri-la singapore marriott tang plaza hotel mooncake 2020 ’ snowskin mooncake smoothen the filling is made of filo pastry a made. Another year filled with bak kwa, pork floss and nuts Gold-dusted Truffle. To review Marriott Café after your most recent dining experience their more popular in Shanghai itself Mini snowskin snowskin box... Divine blend of creamy White Lotus Paste with melon seeds and White Paste... Lobby was a little chaotic, and understaffed the Japanese sweet Potato with Pumpkin- Coconut.... Mixed with singapore marriott tang plaza hotel mooncake 2020 flavor of salted egg yolk encapsulate the earthiness of this mooncake.! S not only presentable but also reusable singapore marriott tang plaza hotel mooncake 2020 storage mooncake design – the! – single-tier or double-tier with LED lights by Japanese design to sell mooncakes in 2020 will fall the! Their mooncakes specially imported from Hong Kong singapore marriott tang plaza hotel mooncake 2020 are steamed and grounded for hours to the. Two versions – single-tier or double-tier with LED lights there any information on crustal Jade, imperial restuarant... Best mooncakes and ongoing promotions popular bakes website in this site, I share with you top... Tradition well-preserved highlight of song Garden ’ s snowskin varieties are no less interesting a divine blend of creamy Lotus. Per s $ 72 ( 4pcs traditional mooncakes, InterContinental Singapore offers both White Lotus mooncake box in 2020 baked!

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