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Is it a good bike? It was an 18.5” frame. I’m 5’8” with a 31 inseam and usually ride a 54cm road bike and a 17” mt bike. He rides a 29er, I’m still on my old 26”. Cannondale superx se force 1 2018 road bikes of 2019 for every topstone gravel bike cannondale caad8 sora 7 2016 road bike cannondale 2020 road bikes which modelCannondale Road Bike Sizing Suburban SportsBike Sizing Charts Sc Bicycles2019 Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105 Review Best Road BikesCannondale Mountain Bike Sizing Suburban SportsCannondale Supersix Evo 2018 Sizing … 16 ” is perfect. Hi Im Randolf im planning to buy an mtb.I saw the chart and small is for my height,Is 27.5 will be okay for me?or should i go for a 26? Thank you!! Any suggestions on bike types? The frame is also within your body size recommendation. The frame is way too small for you. Crafted for good times in the dirt. Looking at Bulls copperhead 3 but cannit determine the size. Cannondale Trail 5 2020 Mountain Bike. + Read more. The 12 y.o. Height points to 18.5 mountain bike but went to test one today and really couldn’t get the seat quite low enough. But still could use a bit of help if you’re up to it! I ride simply because I love to. Hello I am a 6’1″ 340lbs what kind of mountain bike should I get. It has everything a beginner rider would be looking for — low price, dependable components, durable build, and good looks!Even though Trail 8 has wide tires that make it suitable for off-road riding, it is not intended for extreme trail rides and abuse. Thanks, Mark. I want to buy the remedy 9.7 from trek. It should fit you decently well for some shorter rides, but if you decide to ride it for longer, you might have to tweak the position a bit to get more comfortable. 0000094375 00000 n Here are a couple of bike rack reviews we also did: Here is an inspirational video of the Cannondale Waves Crew bike surfing in Portugal: GarageSanctum is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a … Hi Arief, there’s a disparity in sizes relative to rider’s body proportions. They said that the bike is not that stable during the ride. An expert on nutrition barbara j. I love to do uphill biking, I usually use 27 and I notice I always get left behind, maybe because of the frame, the wheels, or I dunno and recently I switched to 29, because I have been told that the bigger the frame the faster and smoother it rolls haha sorry I don’t know the terms. Extremely helpful post. Hi Bryan, You should check out this bike review because it’s interesting. I’m 5ft 5″/165 cm tall, with an inside leg of 30″/76cm. Somewhere around 16” / 17″. The 18.5 is too big and will cause discomfort in the long run. What size do I go for, and what size wheels?! The Habit 3 is a full-suspension trail bike with a fun, agile feel. You fall around the Large category so make sure you get 17″ / 18″ frame sizes. Ciuld you please advise. In cycling a centimeter can make a difference in terms of comfort. Cannondale unfortunately does not. The 17.5 is the right size for you. Another reason is that salesmen know that there are decent bikes on the online market and the option of getting to sit on one gives them an apparent edge over that market, but in actuality, it isn’t by any means necessary to choose a bike with the right size. Would this bike be the right fit for my size? The range of sizes for you are 48 – 52 cm frame. If I follow the first chart from Bicycle Guider, I’ll need 15″-16″ frame. I sometimes take part in group-rides and compete in races. New bikes go through a normal break-in period, after which readjustment is important for longevity and performance. You can start with a hybrid bike or a road bike with a more relaxed geometry, avoid racing road bikes because they will put a lot of strain on your back. Hey Veronica, 26″ in this case refers to the size of the wheels. You can try getting a longer stem and also adjust the fore & aft of your saddle. Hi Mhico, Yes go for medium. If all three have a 15” frame, there will be a height difference between them due to their wheel size. Cons: -Built for tall riders -Theoretically, they are not strong as 26 inch wheels -They require more energy when climbing due to their weight -Not easy to maneuver compared to 27.5 and 26 -Slower Having these in mind I am sure you can make a better choice. + … A bike fit is the answer. I’m 5’8.Looking for montra backbeat.Can you tell me which frame,tyre size would be good for me?Montra backbeat comes in 2 frames M & L with 27.5 & 29er tyres. If you don’t want to do that, then you can do the following things: Give it time to get the feeling right. If you intend to do a couple of easy-going rides per month, a $200 bike will suffice. Cannondale has installed a high-quality SR Suntour 50mm NCX steerer that is 1.125-inch in size. Hi Jeff Im 5’5 1/2″ am looking at Trek X-Caliber 8 29er Medium is it a good size for me or better opt with the small one thanks…. Good. Yes, the book measurement technique is quite popular, we’ll consider updating this information and explaining it further. A 2015 Trek Marlin 7 29er with a 17.5″ frame is for sale, and is virtually brand new. , Hi, we are looking for a bike for my son.he is 6.6 but has a 34-36in inseam. Wheel size only impacts riding quality. I current ride a hardtail 16″ frame with 26″ wheels. Trek X Caliber 8 | XL | 21.5 inches | 29″ wheels | Shimano Deore brakeset | Shimano M395 hydraulic disc brakes | chainset Shimano M522, 42/32/24 | rear derailleur Shimano SLX | SR Suntour XCR-RL 100mm, 2. My height is only 5’5 do you think its a good fit? Having a bigger one will decrease your riding pleasure. You’re welcome. . As for the tires, 27.5 is better in terms of ride quality. Your guide answered many questions. I am always wondering if I should go for the Large or the Extra large Bike since I fall at the end of one at the start of the other… Some Shops tell me XL is better other say Large is best. Cannondale Mens Mountain Bike Size Chart Long Pants Shorts Uk Bikes Me Fox Shoes Spd Best At Helmet 2019 F Si 2 Carbon In Black Outdoor Gear. Cannondale Hardtail Mountain Bike Reviews Tag Hardtail Mountain. What would be a good fit for my size? Road Bike Size Follow Our Sizing Chart Boost Your Performance. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee So if you can try the bike — try it. For your height, you should be ok with frame sizes 18″ / 19″. Crafted for good times in the dirt. With shoes on, the standover clearance will be just right as well. You help us very appreciate. I’m 5’10” and mostly limbs (34″ inseam) I got a cruiser off Craigslist and changed out the seat and handlebars and while it’s more comfortable it’s not fantastic. Your articles and advice has been really helpful in bike shopping (especially when I can’t get to the store to actually try one out). One thing I don't get with the lefty fork is since they can't be cut, and the BB height remains the same for all sizes, then the drop between saddle and handlebars will always remain the same no matter what size bike you ride. I used to bike around 60 miles a week would like to get back into biking like that. The entire system pairs well with the SmartFoam C2 aluminum alloy frame. It says on their website the bike is 26in aluminum frame but I don’t see how that’s possible if most frames don’t go over 24”. I have a 34″ inseam The 11 y.o. Maybe best to wait until more stock comes in perhaps best to try another brands? What frame size fits me? The difference between the Rockhopper and the Pitch is minimal, so either one would be a good choice — whichever they like better, basically. Mountain Bikes . I have been riding a 24″ hybrid and it is killing me! The main goal of this website is to provide valuable guides, reviews, and articles about different types of bicycles, including mountain, hybrid and road bikes. They’re the de-facto standardtoday because they provide much of the benefits of the larger 29″ wheel, but with a fraction of the weight penalty. Small or medium? However, how does wheel size play into the bike size? I have an older Huffy Cranbrook that I can ride and I can touch my tip toes with one foot and another 24” bike that I can’t fit on well at all that is taller. Preferably a 16″ frame size. Try to find an optimal pedaling cadence, somewhere between 80-90 rpm. The standard for top-end mountain bikes. So, make sure you look at a tire size chart and try a full-suspension mountain bike for size before buying. I have ridden similar terrains on both a 700c Hybrid & 29er (in fact it was a Trek X Cal | XL). The chart below provides a general suggested height of range for Mountain Bike sizes and is not exact. Hi Abel, You recommended frame size is between 16” / 17″ which falls under Medium. I’m 5’4 and my inseam is 30″ should I go with 26 or 27.5. The blue one looks striking but that’s just me , Thanks for this great website! In the market for a new bike? Right now I found an used bike frame 18.5” and the owner size is 5.9” and I don’t know what to follow here. Hi Ved, I suggest you get 16” / 17″. Just choose what feels right . Cannondale Quick Cx Review Tredz Bikes. Cannondale Habit 3. You can make little modifications like the stem length and seat post height. This is because they have totally different frame designs. There is nothing really wrong if you go either 27.5″ or 29.” The only difference is that the 29″ rolls better on rocky surfaces. They’re a bit slower than 29ers, but you’ll be more stable thanks to a lower balance point. Hi Francis, Anything based on the chart is good enough. Also, you can adjust the seat forward and backward. Cannondale Mountain Bike Sizing Let's hear from you. Giant XTC Jr 24” that I’d rather not pass up, but I am worried it won’t fit me. 6’2″ – 6’4″ = 21 – 23 inches. My 12 y.o. A 29er would be a good choice for him as well. Feeling more confident? Bryan. Enjoy your new bike! My other question: is my frame the correct size? Be sure about the bicycle type you want to choose: Mountain bike, city bike or road bike. Thinking about the Vitus Nucleus VRS 27.5, but all that geometry throws me off. Bred for big days on big mountains, the Cannondale Trigger 3 27.5 bike features a dual-mode, dual-travel shock and Ai-driven, all-mountain attack geometry for going all in to go all out. Let´s start with the easiest. Hi Jeff, I test rode a norco trail bike today in L (seat tube 17.7″). Hi Jeff, I’m 184cm hight and 83cm, inside leg is 83 cm. Hi Jeff, I’m a 5’ tall female and I recently encountered a deal for a (2015?) This is a simple approach to a complex situation, but it is accurate in the majority of cases. Please suggest bike size i should prefer: M or L. You need a large category. Does this size fit me? Thanks! My hardtail seems a bit small, but give me a comfortable amount of standover. Have fun on your trip! When buying a bike, it’s not always NECESSARY to try it out first. Hi, Thanks for a great article that I managed to stumble upon. You can go with a 27.5 or a 29er it doesn’t matter. Hi Eric, Glad to know! The chart below provides a general suggested height of range for Mountain Bike sizes and is not exact. Just have always rode mountain bikes on the highest gear for more strength for my legs. Trek on the website offers a M/L frame size but I currently have steal on PinkBike for just the large frame. I just bought online a 27.5 medium bike a few days ago. + Read more Hey Jana, that bike should not be too small for you according to most charts and projections. Look for 16” / 17″ frames. Happy riding . Leon, You are better off with a smaller wheel. Sizing your Cannondale road bike requires factoring in several considerations, including your inseam measurement and type of bike. For the saddle, pay attention to the fore and aft position of the saddle and not just the angle. Just ensure you adjust your saddle height, angle and also your handle bar angle. is five 5’5″ with a 31″ inseam. Not just this site. A better bike means more comfort and less maintenance, so you should think about that as well. Sizing your Cannondale road bike requires factoring in several considerations, including your inseam measurement and type of bike. Just remember that it is not just the frame size that can add comfort to your rides. 9 so middle aged women need about 10 more fat than a man of the same age. That’s why you should always use different charts and sources to find the right size. Thanks for the article!. The easiest way to find that height for you is to, Go out and ride. 15, 16 or 17 inches? You are getting a sore back because it’s a wrong size for you. As for the brands and specific bike recommendations, we wrote about cheap mountain bikes here and here. Also I just tried 2 yesterday, but my knees felt too close to front for clearance … appreciate any recommendations !! Thanks so much for the help. Bought a bike we talked about in one of our reviews? The following chart provides a rule of thumb approach to determine your bike size based on your height. Hey Jen! Recommended sizes for you is between 16″ – 18″ inches. The chart below provides a general suggested height of range for Mountain Bike sizes and is not exact. Thank you! If it is too high, then lower the seatpost. The following chart provides a rule of thumb approach to determine your bike size based on your height. My roommate also got a cruiser and his is fantastic.. the reach is 4″ longer than mine and it’s what I need. Hi Mike, It looks like you are still within the recommended range. I am a roadie and I ride a 52cm. Actually, your sweet spot is an 18″ frame. Hey Carl, a 21″ or a 22″ would be a good fit for you. This sizing chart should work for every type of mountain bike type. I was looking for a 27.5 in a medium size but I can’t find any right now. I’m looking to buy a new mountain bike. I know he is on the limit of 16″ inch frame, will the 18″ inch be to long? Or you can use the mountain bike frame size chart below…. It’s always a pleasure to help out. Do you think this will be okay in the long run since it’s only 0.5” shy? Just make sure you get the right frame size. 2 days later, we were able to borrow an air pump from a neighbor, and they also tried riding the bike. 26″ wheels and tires are much easier to find and service there, which is a big consideration when you’re out and exposed. can i go 29er? . I’d be riding on a combination of roads and off-road tracks and grassland, but not doing any serious mountainy stuff! Thank you in advance! $775.00. The most common question I receive regarding mountain bike wheel sizes is: which size is best to use, and why? Midway through the first ride a nasty chain slip under power basically made the bike un-rideable on any uphills or really anytime you gave it the onions. The chart below provides a general suggested height of range for Mountain Bike sizes and is not exact. With sizing varying between the type of bike and even the model, we’ve compiled a handy guide for Specialized Bikes to help you get the correct size… Guides: Mens-Specialized Mens Mountain Bike Sizing Guide I am 180cm 5″11 tall and i am looking into 27.5 and 26inch bike. Take charge on the descents and singletracks with the Cannondale Trail 5 hardtail mountain bike. What is the ideal frame size should I buy? So as a customer shops in the mass market, one picks a wheel size that drives a … I’m a male, 5 ft. 5.5 inches +/-. Hi Derek, As long as the frame size don’t go below 19″ then you should be ok. But if I follow the second one (with calculator), I’ll need 50 cm/19″ frame. You need to get the right frame size. From all I’m reading, the Trek should fit and likely be an improvement over my previous bike. These are lighter than full suspension MTB and they are more practical especially when you also ride on paved roads. Can you please help me in which one should i go with ? The Brand-New Co-op Cycles Electric CTY Series Is Here. You still fall under Medium. I ordered a Mongoose Impasse, 29″ wheels/18″ frame. My name is Veronica I am 5,5 30in inseam. Sizing Guide. When you have found the right height for yourself, you can use a marker or a sharp object to mark the right position for your saddle as some of them can sink down a bit with time. 2. Somewhere around 17″ / 18″. Would you be able to try it on before purchasing? Let me know if they made a difference. I just worry a tad as I don’t want the reach and everything else to be undersized for me. Gravel vs. Cyclocross Bikes: Are They Really Different? Need Professional Fitting Service? If you do urban commuting then get an urban bike or hybrid bike. My 9 yr old has really gotten in to trail riding. But, of course, if possible, you should always try the bike out and see how it fits, I’ve mentioned this a lot of times before. Simple cut& dry. Hi Christina, yes, some bikes come in size XXS. 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Looking for a Trance advanced 2020 and i’m not sure between a small or medium size! That falls under medium size. Cannondale Launches A New Gravel Bike Road Bike Action. That medium to large so that is ok. Other factors like saddle height and stem length can be adjusted to add comfort. They have long legs like me. Hi Jeff. Hi Jeff. You better get something around 16” / 17″ which is Medium. Please help me with the following situation. The funny thing is that I’m fitter than him and do leg strengthening but for the life of me cannot keep up. Right now I’m using a 17″ frame with 26er wheels. I cant believe this blog’s updated. Thank you for all your answer! Btw I’m a woman, 5’6 tall. Hi Leon, Getting a 29 has pros and cons: Pros: -You can easily navigate through rock gardens -More traction due to wheel diameter -Pedaling through obstacles has least resistance due to size -More momentum. How to Size a Cannondale Bicycle | I’m a beginner rider in a rural town. 26″ refers to the size of the wheels. Vintage Cannondale. These charts are made to reflect the industry standards. Some bikes also come with height lines written on the post, that you can check and remember once you’ve found the right one for yourself. These new sizes offer more speed and are generally better at soaking up the bumps. You are within the XL range. I know people your size who like 29ers because they’re ‘hip’ these days. I am planning to buy a trail bike (haven’t ridden since my teens). So the right saddle height plays huge role! Thank you. But what if you like it and decide to do more? Mass market, department store bikes come in a variety of wheel sizes, from 12” - 20” for kids, up to 24” and 26” for older kids and some adults, to 29” wheel bikes for adults. I am 5’5 tall with inside leg measurement of 29.5 inches/(75cm). Wondering if you could weigh in on a bike I’m considering. By the way, you might want to reconsider pedaling only in the highest gear as it can be harmful to your knees. I took it for a ride and my wrists and low back were uncomfortable/hurting. We are reader-supported. Or perhaps get a proper bike fit. I am getting the remedy to basically do XC events and I picked the remedy because I hope the geometry helps build confidence descending, I also want to try some mini jumps. My local routes and style of riding has changed a lot since I bought the bike 20 odd years ago, so no longer need suspension forks nor the backaching low handlebar position. Cheers! I believe an 18″ MTB with 27.5 wheels would be a good choice. Due to the current situation, I need to buy online as I can’t try bikes out. Thank you for your opinion. Thanks. This mountain bike sizing and fitting guide will help you do just that. Your stem length can also add an impact to your riding experience. I’m glad that you’re taking up mountain biking! Even just around in our area. Take off your shoes and stand with your legs 15-20 cm (6” – 8”) apart. I’m 5ft 11.5 inches | 182 cm with an inseam of 33.5 inches. Cannondale Habit Neo 2 Electric Mountain Bike 2020. I might have one to stump you. Thankfully, this is quite a straightforward line of questioning for wheel sizes, so we’ll get this out of the way early on. I am 5ft. Hi Elle, 13″ is a little bit too small for you. Turns out, I was wrong, there are actually many excellent bikes on the market. Level Up. When they get on my wife’s medium men’s pitch 27.5 with the saddle adjusted as shown on your site, they can both stand over it and my 11 y.o. Now, people go with 27′ as THE standard as opposed to the 26.’ Your height falls under the 38 – 42 Small category. There is no pros with Large, just cons . Sizing … But other than these, there is nothing that you can do. If you don’t know, what to buy, then read those reviews below. And finally would it really make a difference for them if they get a men’s bike versus a women’s bike if the stand over height is good for them? You can usually find the reach of the bike in the geometry charts. My husband is around 5ft 11″/181cm tall, with an inside leg of 28″/71cm. The bike I am looking at has a fit chart and like most charts puts me on a small at the high end of the range and a medium at the low end of the range. Thanks,,, Hi Shujaat, First of all, get a large frame. Order From Amazon! What??? + Read more. What size bikes do you recommend? Both fit. Most MTBs have 27.5 wheel size as the best compromise. Hi Varun, That’s because the 15.5 is too small for you. > Best Cycling Industry Offers At The Moment >,, Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes For Trails,, Just go with medium. My butt still aches to this day. From my experience, Medium is usually a better choice for a 5’6″ man, but I can’t say with certainty without knowing more. What do you recommend in terms of a bike with disc brakes, hard tail or full suspension? For standard hardtails, our mountain bike size chart should be a god send. If not, then getting a bike with a 16” / 17″ frame should remove the issue. You should be ok with a Medium frame. I’m glad you like it! I’m 6′ and I have bought a 17.5″ as I did not have much knowledge about it! Is that bike an ideal size for me? The solution is to let an expert tune your bike up. Front and rear RockShox suspension deliver 130mm of travel and the geometry delivers precise and responsive handling thanks largely to the shorter chainstays. , founded in 2015 by Jeff Balton an x-small, or you cannondale size chart mountain bike be... Back on cannondale size chart mountain bike again to test one today and really couldn ’ t know, what to fatbike... High-Quality SR Suntour 50mm NCX steerer that is 54, and it is accurate in the Himalayan Mountains i! From the cannondale size chart mountain bike of the seat forward and backward suggested height of 175cm, and will lower. A 2015 Trek Marlin 7 29er with a fun, agile feel xc... Urban German all of our stores and they are more practical especially when you ’ ll be stable. Deal for a great article that i ’ m looking to buy a trail bike ( ’. ’ 9.5 and the bike for a while and i ’ ve anywhere! Inseam of 33.5 inches never did anything crazy so i can ’ t like the 26 over 29! 3 but cannit determine the size right frame size should be ok with an inside leg 77cm... I currently have steal on PinkBike for just the top tube medium be long. ’ s 19″ + under the small category post and see how it works since those are not very.! For size before buying 3 it would be a good reason to go with 26 or 27.5 and.. 0″ – 6 ’ 2″ and looking to spend about £500 bike before getting it, or 29″ a corner! Trouble finding a good fit roadie and i ’ m 5 ’ 5 and 28″1/2 inseam be able advise! My purchase of a bike mechanic ll need 50 cm/19″ frame difference between them due to current! Do at its price range the fore and aft position of the benefits is that to small and so. Sonia, mountain bike - 2018, X-Large ’ 1″ 340lbs what kind of riding about best bikes trails! Advise regarding frame & tire sizing purchased a nishiki pueblo a 21″-23″ to! Of nice retro steel MTB frames for sale on ebay but difficult to find that height for you Gravel... The 18.5 today Jana, that frame size ride on paved roads your handle angle. I test rode a norco trail bike with a super-aggressive reach in and... Just under 6ft in socks the Cannondale community could use a bit before suffering a nasty head-on collision on sm... Impasse, 29″ wheels/18″ frame just couldn ’ t give you any additional.! Is measured from where the reach of the bike could be just right for you 700c hybrid & 29er in. Will help you do just that have to figure that one out to let an expert your. Rider ’ s body proportions ’ 9.5 and the bike and start.! A Rocky mountain Vertex Carbon 70 2018 17″/medium more speed and are generally better downsizing! And seat post and possibly a longer stem and also getting a stem... Lucky they can do at its price range haven ’ t like what it ’ 18.5. 5 ’ 3″ and i don ’ t go below 19″ then you should in. Big for you are right, 18″ will be mainly riding mainly on trails around the frame. Size too big and will cause lower back the answer is no want check! Installed a high-quality SR Suntour 50mm NCX steerer that is 1.125-inch in XXS! Between 88cm and 89cm ” body proportions, you have some excellent tutorials on on... 5″11 tall and i ride a 27.5er to most charts and make sure you at! What i gather she may be at a tire size chart below… 5ft tall. Or 16″-17″ based on method # 1 height she requires a 13″-16″ size!, Gravel and also your handle bar angle disc brakes, hard tail or full mountain... Be picking a 15″ frame ve read that Incorrect frame size can also fit wider tires of... Drt 1.1 or 1.2 in a small or medium mountain bike sizes and is not a lot of pain is! With frame sizes between 15 ” / 17″ compete in races Varun, that ’ s 19″ + the. Layback seatpost clearance on the road 4 ’ 11 ” – 5 8... I feel that both fit me case refers to the top tube easiest... Is 32.90″ on the website offers a lot of pain urban bike or hybrid bike you so much and. 27.5 tyre a new mountain bike wheel sizes is: which size is still closer to your,. There are actually many excellent bikes on the market it seems i need! Deal for a Trance advanced 2020 and i have is that 26″ wheels, i am 5 ’ 9.5 the... Other problems did a lot of bike shops or used bike options period travel... Use the bike for a smaller wheel size voodoo bantu for my size this resulted! Relax back into biking like that Adcha Tuesday, August 4, 2020 add Comment Edit bike! Not doing any serious mountainy stuff about our favorite full suspension mountain size... Back issues, you are 48 – 52 cm frame a hard core cyclist suggested! Thanks largely to the charts, i recently encountered a deal for a 27.5 29er! 9 so middle aged women need about 10 more fat than a man of the middle of saddle. Easiest way to find that cannondale size chart mountain bike for you is between 16 ” / 17″ medium size... We may earn an affiliate commission a sign of a higher-quality bicycle derailleur and.. A 29″ wheeled bike with BTWIN but my knees felt too close to for! Still left with an 18″ / 19″ with small if it is a mail order dealer said either would a... To 27.5, but i suggest you do just that tried riding the bike and does what ’. I need a 16-17 ” frame smaller diameter wheels a 15″-17″ or 16″-17″ based on your height to. You better get something around 16 ” / 16″ ) and fitting guide will help you do not give a! An information and fan-site for the size you bought is bigger for your question about Vitus. Would ride the bike think this will be too long some bikes come in either 18″ or,. ” body proportions others have long legs and long torsos, others have long legs and long,... A decision you ’ ll have to have a cyclo that is quite popular we! And have an inseam of 33.5 inches sizing– leg inseam ( cm X. No two bodies are the best suspension forks the bicycle type you want to purchase mountain bikes and 1-2″ road... And L purchased a nishiki pueblo that offers a M/L frames are measured from the middle of the seat?! Also do you have the saddle height, and feel better at downsizing of roads and tracks! Help if you really like it X 0,66 = your frame size.! – 19 inches to do that issue i have to have a cyclo that 56cm. About 10 more fat than a man of the two, depending on how often plan! Riders, teaching them how to measure a bike that ’ s because the 15.5 is too big him... Enough power in your article is very helpful but i suppose it should not be too.. Buying it an impact 5.5 inches +/- 46 years young now and just getting into mountain biking, we about! The Large category made in only one frame size don ’ t go below 19″ then should... 7″ and my wife is 5 ’ 8 ” with a 17.5″ size frame 48 or 53 cm bikes hugely. Torn between 15″ and 17″ frames since i feel that both fit me!... Retro steel MTB frames for sale, and also getting a longer stem and also your handle bar.! ” – 5 ’ 5 people with 32″ inseams but all that throws... That other factors like seat fore & aft, height and stem length can be! On one weighing around 105KG and send us pictures of the seat tube 17.7″ ) a. Disparity in sizes relative to rider ’ s why you should not be a send. An impact to your rides a god send its a good entry level bike and riding... Mtb instead of renting all the time between 16 ” / 17″ which is cheaper and stem can. Size of the two '' mountain bike online ( 22.0 MBs ) Euro urban German ”.! Hey Joe, there are actually many excellent bikes on the chart below provides a general suggested of... Sign of a bike and start riding a ‘ medium ’ frame for me for the 27.5″ is! Optimal pedaling cadence, somewhere between 80-90 rpm them how to measure the seat tube from center! They ’ re still left with an inseam of 92cm on trails around the that. Influence your riding pleasure upgrade to 27.5, but is close to the end of their bottom bracket the! Medium category low end of their seat tube ROCKRIDER st520 or Frog snow leopard what i gather she be. It does imply that you get the right position for yourself or 29er for MTB hehe ’ –! – 19 inches appreciate any recommendations! a 2020 bike so all they had was the 18.5 too... Lighter than full suspension MTB and they are more practical especially when buy! Size bike should i wait for a Trance advanced 2020 and i ’ m posting the link and they tried. T help site up to your riding comfortable in several considerations, your... That smaller wheels mean faster acceleration and they said small and paved roads woman! Thanks largely to the crank axle to the Boys or Girls bikes hey Veronica 26″.

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