Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) and School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans (SPERS) are two admission exercises conducted by the Ministry of Education in Singapore to place international students or Singaporean students who have been overseas in local Singapore schools. As applicants are expected to know the syllabus well in order to handle the centralised test assessing applicants’ English literacy, numeracy and reasoning abilities, JustEdu has designed a course to aid students in this area.

When should I enrol my child for AEIS courses?

1st Intake – Registration starts from January
AEIS Preparatory
Class Duration: 3 months (11 March to 27 May)
Here at JustEdu, we begin our preparatory course as early as March. The preparatory programme is designed to prepare our students for the AEIS / SPERS through the use of exam-oriented teaching materials and challenging practices according to the exam format. After the three months, students can then advance to our intensive course, allowing for a better-paced learning.
2nd Intake – Registration starts from April

AEIS Intensive Class
Duration: 3 months (10 June to 2 September)

Students who are looking for a course to prepare themselves nearer the date of the admission test may sign up for our intensive programme. Similar to the preparatory programme, using the exam-oriented teaching materials and challenging practices, students will be equipped with the necessary critical thinking skills as well as creativity to handle the demands of the exam.