Tuition Programme

Singapore syllabus
The in-house teaching materials are specially developed by our very own curriculum department in Singapore to enhance the quality of the students’ learning experience. All teaching materials are designed based on the latest requirements of syllabus and examinations by the MOE. We adapt a progressive and integrated approach to ensure fun learning. Students are equipped with the necessary critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, creativity and exam techniques to handle the demands of exams with confidence. Students who plan to study in Singapore or who study in local schools will also get to experience authentic Singapore syllabus lessons. Our tutors are qualified and experienced teachers who possess subject matter knowledge and familiarity with the latest MOE syllabus. Furthermore, lessons are conducted in a condusive and encouraging environment.

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malaysia syllabus
We adapt a progressive and integrated approach in our syllabus. We constantly update ourselves with the latest requirements of syllabus and examinations. Our teaching materials are exam-oriented and we aim to equip the students with effective exam techniques. Our teachers are qualified individuals who are passionate and dedicated in educating our students. Furthermore, we maintain a low teacher to child ratio to ensure the students will receive the close attention they deserve. Lessons are conducted with a creative and fun approach in a conducive environment.